Donate to the Mercer County WV Animal Shelter

Mercer County Animal Shelter
961 Shelter Rd,
WV, 24740

Phone: 304-425-2838

Mercer County Animal Shelter is an open admission county animal shelter. We are responsible for providing humane care for stray and relinquished animals in Mercer County WV. We accept animals from Mercer County residents only. We are able to adopt pets to homes outside of Mercer County as all our pets are spayed/neutered before leaving the shelter. We are rescue friendly to 501(c)(3) registered rescues.

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Please Donate to Help the Dogs
We have put together a list of things needed at the shelter in case anyone would like to help out. Thank you so much in advance for always supporting us in taking care of all the wonderful babies we have. A big thank you for everyone who has already donated to us.

We need:
  • Large puppy pads,

  • Adult dry dog food ,

  • Pill pockets,

  • Newspapers,

  • Paper towel,

  • Laundry detergent,

  • Unscented bleach,

  • Dawn dish soap,

  • Towels,

  • Wash cloths,

  • Blankets,

  • Office supplies,

  • Plastic dog beds
These are just some of the things incase you wish to donate.

Mercer County Animal Shelter.
961 Shelter Rd,
WV, 24740

Thank you for helping.

No Squeeky Toys Please
Toys that make a noise when you squeeze them can encourage some dogs to be aggressive towards young children because they squeek too. The device that makes the noise is usually small and can be harmful if swallowed. Some toys of this type contain a small battery which is poisonous if the dog eats it. The best toys are tuggers, tennis balls and hard chew toys that cannot be ripped apart.

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